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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Road Trip!

And camping too! That's right, it is time for the annual sojourn to the breezy beaches of Oregon and the BSU's family weekend camping adventure. We leave tomorrow morning and will be returning a week from today. The good news is this year I will not be trying to write a term paper or studying for a final exam for a college term that ends the week I get back as I have done the past 3 summers.

I'll be ditching a little early today so I can take care of all the errands that need tending to before we pull out tomorrow. The neighbor Roger needs a key to the castle so that cats can be fed. I need to pick up more firewood. I need to pick up my graduation pictures that just arrived today. I need to make a trip to the base liquor store for beer, premixed margarita and pina colada for the evening's festivities. I have to get the truck washed, the windows cleaned and go by the bank. A trip to Wal-Mart is in my future for either a replacement percolator coffee pot glass top or exchange of the one I bought a couple weeks ago that turned out to be missing the glass bubbler top. Then there will be clothes to finish washing, drying and packing. I'll have to pack a tool bag and figure out if I'm taking guns and if so, which ones. The scooter needs parked in the shop and finally, after the truck is loaded, the camper hooked up and the dog situated in the back seat of the truck, the alligators can be loosed into the moat and the tigers loosed inside the grounds to keep strangers and bad guys at bay. I'm still deciding if I'll pack a guitar and which one even if the BSU is trying to dissuade me from showing off/embarrassing myself. Packing both guitars seems a bit much and they do take up a lot of space so I'll have to figure that out tonight.

This year's trip will be more relaxed since I'm not still in school as I mentioned. We also are extending our trip by a day or two and hopefully traveling to southern Oregon to spend a day at Crater Lake and the surrounding area. The pictures sure look nice on the internet and so I'm looking forward to visiting a part of the world I've not yet seen. I may still be blogging from the trip as I'll pack along the laptop and find me some wi-fi goodness for some occasional connectivity though I can't promise hourly updates.

So- much to do today. Then its 2 days to the coast, leaving tomorrow and arriving at the coast on Thursday. We'll spend the night in Baker City, Oregon or LeGrand and then hit the road Thursday morning to travel the Columbia River Gorge into Portland and then over to Tillamook to the campground.

I'm not ready but I am so ready!

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